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TIPS AND ARTICLES > Heat Molding Instructions and Tips
The ideal way of heating molding boots is to heat them in a convection oven. This allows for even distribution of the heat. Regular household ovens are not recommended because the heat from the radiant elements is too direct and may damage the boots voiding the warranty. If you do not have a convection oven, you can use a hair dryer. Before beginning, make sure the skater has on tights or very thin socks. Failure to wear some kind of stocking may lead to burning of the feet.

Convection Oven Instructions
1) Set the oven to 180 degrees and put the boots in the oven for approximately 3-5 minutes until the boots begin to become pliable.

2) Remove the boots from the oven taking care not to burn yourself on the blades or lace hooks. Let the boots cool slightly so that you can handle them.

3) For Jackson boots, press down on the toe box slightly where the laces start. This will open the toe box slightly allowing for a better fit.

4) When the boots are cool enough to handle, place them on the feet pushing the heels all the way into the heel cups. Lace the boots up very snuggly; slightly tighter than normal so that the boots will wrap around the shape of the feet. Leave the boots on the feet for 10 minutes until the boots cool down.

5) Do not walk or even stand on the boots while they are on the feet. This may keep them from molding properly.

6) Remove the boots and let them cool down to room temperature (another 10 minutes).

7) Put the boots back on after cooling to room temperature. You may now stand and walk in them to determine whether the boots fit properly or whether they need any other adjustments. In the case of boot and blade sets, please wear had guards to protect the blades and your floors.

Hair Dryer Instructions
Using a hair dryer set to high, move the heat back and forth over the entire outer surface of the boots. Do not leave the heat source in one spot for a long time or the boot may burn. It will probably take 7-10 minutes for the boots to become pliable. At this point, follow directions 2-7 above.

Beware of hot blades and lace hooks
Do not do molding barefoot
Do not walk or stand in warm boots
Do not bend your knees while the boots are warm
Do not use a regular oven
Make sure heels are all the way back in the heel cup before molding
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